Unlock High ROI with Recex's Franchise Model


Get the right support along with Frameworks to be an HR Entrepreneur

 Low investment, high ROI 

(minimum time commitment = 4  hours per day) 

 Flexible working hours

 (pin code driven 'recruitment exchange' power)

 Comprehensive support and training


 Proven success with 1090+ companies

AI and tech enabled

The Future Unfolds - Rollout Plan

With a bold vision in mind, we plan to launch 200 units(covering 1% of the INDIA's pincodes) within the next year, commencing April 2024. This ambitious undertaking will see us roll out 20 units each month, empowering individuals across the globe to seize control of their destinies and embark on the journey to success.

Join us as we redefine franchising, empower transitions, and unlock boundless opportunities for growth and prosperity.Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Get in touch today to learn more about how RECEX can guide you towards unparalleled success.

"If you are a Businessman looking for diversification, please refer the below video"

"If you are looking to restart your career in HR after a career break"

Here is what you will get from our partnership

 Brand Portfolio Usage Licence

SOP / Training Materials

SPOC from Head office

Daily Business Allotments

 ATS Driven Model(Tech-enabled)

 Power to sell HR tools



About the Brand

RECEX is a 3-way marketplace, wherein we aggregate the Job openings from our bank of 1090+ companies and distribute them to our Recruitment Partners. 
The Job of the Franchise Partner is to fulfill the job vacancies. We normally charge a month's salary from our Clients, and the same is split as 70% to the Recruiter, and the remaining 30% is equally divided among BD, CAM and Platform Fees.



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Franchise FAQ's

🌟RECEX, (Started by the same team of SMVA Consultants), SMVA started the Franchise model in August 2018, and has been a beacon of support and innovation for professionals seeking transformative career transitions. Throughout the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we stood firm, extending our support to those in need. Our commitment to excellence and resilience shone through, resulting in a remarkable 22% ROI success, far surpassing the industry average of 9%. As of August 2023, we embarked on crafting an enhanced version of the franchise concept, blending comprehensive training with unparalleled franchising opportunities.

🌟ideal franchise buyers:

  • Ex HRs / Recruiters on Career Break: Offering a pathway back into the professional realm, equipped with new skills and opportunities.
  • B2B Service Providers: Providing avenues for expansion, growth, and entrepreneurship in the B2B sector.
  • Job to Business Transition - Wannapreneurs: Guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the intricate journey of transitioning from employment to business ownership.
  • Retired Professionals: Facilitating a seamless transition from retirement to the realm of business ownership and consultancy.

Testimonials (SMVA Consultants Experience)

“It's been great working with the group and strong network of HR associates. The Partner Account Managers are very co-operative. The group takes care of your training needs which makes induction to the SMVA group easy. There are ample opportunities to work on and our efforts are systematically tracked. It's been great working with SMVA, and looking forward to a never-ending association.”

Kunal Patil,

“We would recommend aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to grab this opportunity in the vast market of recruitment consultancy and services. SMVA has provided the support needed in the slow initial phase and have now come up with several products and services to increase the opportunities for revenue generation. We are sure we will be growing together for years to come.”

Ravisha Parikh 

“My experience being franchise partner of SMVA consultant has been Top-notch from the beginning. The SMVA consultant team worked closely with our staff  through the entire process, providing stable and consistent support to achieve our goal. Quality management system, suggestions and guidance were valuable to our company.”

Pritam Malgaonkar

“They have a committed team for backhand support and guidance ....Ideal for any new business associate.”

Raj Malhotra

“SMVA is a very Good platform for those who are interested in Recruitment Field.”


“We partnered with SMVA to startup a career in the field of HR consultancy and it has been a great experience with timely support and helping in growing our business.”

Gaurav Kumar

RECEX is known for its professionalism, expertise, and ability to connect job seekers with employment opportunities.

Know more about the Business & Industry

 Industry Size: 35.13 Bn $ Global mkt ; 4.21 Bn $,i.e.34200 crores Indian Market Size

 Portfolio: We are already catering to 1090+ corporate houses across 15+ countries.  

 Franchise Fees : 3L + GST, for 5 years Contract period. Applicants would be selected post interview application and evaluation.(There are facilities of monetary assistance in various forms for the partners adding value to the network)

 Activity Driven Revenue Sharing (An opportunity to earn up to 90% of the Total Revenue)

Recruitment = 70%

CAM (Client Account Management) = 10%

BD(Business Development) = 10%

RECEX Platform Fees = 10%

 100% Remote working Virtual Franchise enabling solopreneurs and B2B service providers

 Anticipated percentage return on investment: 60 - 150%,However we say this is a ROT (Return on TIME) driven business

 Expected Time Commitment : 4 hrs min. daily.

Start your Recruitment Business today !! 

What makes us the most lucrative business proposition

High margin and potential for profitability

Extensive Franchisor Support

 Brand Power & Reputation

 Risk- Free & Strong Virtual Model

 Lead Generation

 Online Business Promotion and Support

 Regular Training

Start your Recruitment Business today! 

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What Our Clients Are Saying 

(During Tenure of SMVA Consultants-Franchise)

Khaleeq Ahmed
Bangalore Partner

Rajdeep Ghosh
Bhubaneshwar Partner

Kunal Patil
   Kolhapur Partner

                                                                                     Franchise BROCHURE

Pritam Malgaonkar
Goa Partner

Shraddha Saraf
Patna Partner

Uma Srivastava
Lucknow Partner

Gaurav Kumar
Hyderabad Partner

Suma Vaidya
Bangalore Partner

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