Looking for ways to diversify your workplace? 

How about hiring international interns?

AIESEC is an international hiring platform backed by the UN with a global presence in 120+ countries that facilitates cross cultural experiences for the youth. We have a large pool of international applicants and we intake interns from abroad and place them in companies in India. AIESEC finds the best suitable candidate as per the job requirement by screening and shortlisting from the pool of applicants. Hiring international interns will increase your companies competitive strength and boost your work culture.

Hire with ease | AIESEC in Kolkata

Why hire internationally?

  Access to a young and diverse international talent pool.

Add a multicultural perspective to your organization by hiring from all across the globe.

Infuse your business with fresh perspectives from young international people.

A diverse global workforce helps you gain competitive advantage over your competitors.

Expand into global markets by increasing brand presence.

How do you benefit from hiring through us?

Get the best candidate
AIESEC identifies the ideal profile for your opportunity and provide the best out of the pool.

Job specific support
AIESEC ensures the job executed by the intern corresponds with the job description submitted.

AIESEC Logistics
We provide the information required to arrange any document, visa and work permit. AIESEC supports the intern in terms of appropriate accommodation, basic insurance facility.

Most affordable option
Compared to other providers in the market, we offer the most affordable solution to get talent for your business. 

Pool of talent for variety of fields
In the past, we have provided talent in fields like Engineering, IT, Business Administration, Marketing, Hospitality.

UN Support and Backing
AIESEC is affiliated under the UN, helping companies position their opportunities as high quality ones.

You can hire talent from

      South East Asia        

           Middle East           


Hear what our previous clients have to tell about us


" I think AIESEC is a particularly relevant organization in today's times as the world is shrinking and corporations and companies coming in closer and working across geographies. AIESEC provides a perfect springboard for everybody to come closer work in each other's countries and business environments and find learnings and contribute in a meaningful way to make these economies grow so AIESEC continues to be particularly relevant and I'm happy to support AIESEC and likewise we will always find opportunities to work with AIESEC." 

                                             - K. Mohanchandra                                                General Manager                                                  Taj Bengal Kolkata 


" It was a good fortune to have a Russian intern with us and the Russian interns spend a lot of time in our school we realized that she was very keen to learn a lot about Kolkata in India through our students and our students were very keen to learn about her country so it was an an enriching learning experience for both of us the school and the Russian intern. In the short duration that I've interacted with AIESEC, I would definitely recommend AIESEC to any institution who is keen on getting into enriching learning program. I'm very sure that AIESEC does deliver what it promises and mainly it is for the enlightenment of our students who would get benefitted from individuals across the globe."  

                                                    -  John Bagul                                                  Founder Principal                         South city International School 

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Sarah Khalid

           Head of Corporate Relations|AIESEC in KOLKATA 

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